Tissot PRX review

Quick note: for some reason I still receive emails asking why I cover watches on McGST and not just tech, despite the fact that I mentioned a few times that this is not just a tech site. Well, I do not care much for traffic or to earn money from this site, but I decided […]

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The Apple Watch and longevity

One criticism if the Apple Watch is that it does not have the same longevity of a real watch and that is a perfectly logical argument. You cannot deny that it is designed to only last for a few years whereas a more expensive mechanical watch is one of few products available today that do […]

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One week with the Oris Divers 65

My second Divers 65 from Oris has proved to be a much more positive experience than my first, and my first was pretty damn positive. For whatever reason I am finding myself appreciating it more and more each day, and for a variety of reasons. The accuracy is astonishing for this type of movement; under […]

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