Product Reviews

iPhone 11 Pro thoughts

I had no intention of buying an iPhone 11 Pro. My iPhone X has 92% battery capacity and is still super fast. It does everything and is a wonderfully made smartphone, and could potentially have given me another 3 years… Read More ›

iOS and iPadOS 13 review

As a result, there’s something for everyone in iOS 13 and all the recurring themes of Tim Cook’s Apple are touched upon this time around. iOS 13 improves Face ID recognition and promises improvements to app download sizes and performance…. Read More ›

iOS 13 thoughts

I have been trying iOS 13 for a week or so and overall I am quite impressed. Forget the occasional crash or slow down, this is a beta and that’s what betas do. It is all about the new features… Read More ›

Fitbit Inspire HR (quick) review

I am persevering with Fitbit despite the many problems I, and others, have experienced with the recent trackers and smartwatches from the company. Up until the Fitbit Charge 3 everything was OK with fairly accurate step tracking and flights recorded… Read More ›