iPhone 13 Pro: conclusion

I have only been using the iPhone 13 Pro for a matter of days and I feel like I have a device that is marginally better than my iPhone 11 Pro. That may sound odd because this is a phone that costs more than £1000, but these marginal improvements come together to create a better […]

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iPhone 13 Pro: day 3

A couple of observations for day 3. The sound!!! I mean the speaker when playing a podcast or music without headphones. It is markedly louder than the 11 Pro I had before and now useful in many more situations than previously. It is also clearer and capable of dealing with bass and high notes at […]

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iPhone 13 Pro: day 2

The one feature I wanted to try more than any other in the iPhone 13 Pro was the ‘macro’ camera feature. Some say it isn’t a true macro, others say it is amazing, and for me as someone who knows little about photography it fits in to the amazing category for me. And of course […]

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iPhone 13 Pro: day 1

I didn’t expect to buy the iPhone 13 Pro. It offers little above my 11 Pro apart from the camera features, but things changed quickly. My wife and I were discussing her iPhone X and my daughter’s iPhone 8 and eventually we decided that it was worth the cost for the benefits we would get. […]

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HUAWEI GT 2 Pro review (part 1)

This is a very quick first part of my GT 2 Pro review. I simply want to cover the very first impressions a buyer can expect to experience when they open the box. And my first impressions were much more positive than I expected. I still struggle to understand how £179 can get a watch […]

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