We are not even close to seeing the worst of Brexit

In the months after Boris Johnson signed his post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union, the coronavirus masked the economic damage of leaving the bloc. As the pandemic drags on, the cost is becoming clearer — and voters are noticing.

Brexit has been a drag on growth. It brought new red tape on commerce between Britain and its largest and closest market, and removed a large pool of EU labor from the country on which many businesses had come to rely. The combination has exacerbated supply chain shortages, stoked inflation, and hampered trade… More here.

We have been somewhat covered so far by covid and the fact that many of the new rules have not come into force yet. I suspect that from early next year things are going to go downhill quickly and it will become obvious how badly the country was lied to and how much we will all be suffering (and for no good reason).

Man investigating government parties during lockdown to quit because he had a party during lockdown

The UK’s top civil servant is expected to step aside from his role leading an inquiry into Downing Street lockdown parties, after it emerged an event was held in his own office.

Simon Case had been due to report on claims Covid rules were broken at events for staff last year.

But his role was put into doubt after reports a party was held in his office, while London was under Covid rules… More here.

I know I bang on about this government often, but at this point they are just taking us for fools. And to think so many of us did not see family last Christmas while they partied, in some cases family they will never see again.

Trans swimmer Lia Thomas smashes two US women’s records

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has broken United States records in two races over the weekend.

The 22-year-old student from Austin, Texas, competed in the Zippy Invitational in Ohio where she smashed two records in the 200m and 500m freestyles… More here.

This is a complicated subject and one that is rife with extreme views on both sides, but there is no part of me that believes this to be fair on non-trans female athletes.

If Johnson stays after this, I give up

People could not visit their elderly relatives in care homes last December, they could not spend a last Christmas with relatives who subsequently died in January and later. None of us could have a normal Christmas and life was miserable for the entire country.

But at Number 10 Downing Street a Christmas party took place, an occasion that has been consistently denied by a tribe of MPs this week. And above you see a press spokesperson joking about it almost one year ago. Surely this has to be the end for Johnson’s corrupt government and the end for his continual tirade of lies.

27 asylum seekers drowning reacted to with laughing emojis

Six miles off the coast of Calais a crumpled inflatable was sinking to the sea bed. Baran’s lifeless body was one of 27 floating in the icy water.

A KentOnline article about the shipwreck popped up on Steve’s timeline. He laughed.

But Steve, who calls me a “jumped up little ****” and tells me to “jog on” when I question him, wasn’t alone.

He was one of 96 who chose to react to the news with a laughing emoji, one of several ways Facebook allows users to engage with posts… More here.

Brilliant journalism. The people who do this are almost always anonymous, they like a few flags in their profile name and they roam around without masks and generally looking angry for no particular reason. The only way to deal with them is to question their motives (they won’t understand why they are doing it) and at least give them the chance to realise just how pointless they are.

The rot set in…

As the clamour of voices warning that our democracy is under threat grows louder and louder, it’s become something of a truism to say that it all began with Boris Johnson’s arrival in Downing Street., writes Richard Haviland.

It’s a neat story. A deeply inadequate figure becomes Prime Minister and, before you know it, corruption, lying and xenophobia have infected the body politic. But it’s a simplification. Because the truth Is that corruption, lying and xenophobia set in the moment Leave won the Brexit referendum, and that Theresa May did very little to counter them… More here.

This is a brilliant article and hopefully enlightening to some.

This is the Nadine Dorries who…

Nadine Dorries (Conservative) retweeted @kinglami1 :
RT @kinglami1: I believe James O Brien of LBC fame is a Hate preacher, a liar, a misogynist, a UK hater & an apologist for Islamist atrocities. I also believe he is a bully who hides behind the Global/LBC name who condone his behaviour. I also believe he should be sacked. Plz R/T if you agree.

You can check out more politician’s deleted tweets here.

This is the Nadine Dorries who, in her new role as Culture Secretary, stated the following recently-

“Sometimes I think we just need to tone down the condemnation and the judgement, and evaluate and engage a little bit more than we do. I think social media probably contributes a lot to this.

“People are afraid because of the amplification in the echo chambers of social media.”

This is the Nadine Dorries who wrote the following on Twitter-

To be fair, I think the fact that @mrjamesob is a public school posh boy fuck wit, has more to do with it than his being a journo

This is the Nadine Dorries who very recently tweeted the following to Laura Kuenssberg (BBC political editor) who was reporting ‘facts’-

“Laura, I very much like and respect you, but we both know, that text is ridiculous. Although nowhere near as ridiculous as the person – obviously totally desperate for your attention – who sent it.”

She tweeted the above as Culture Secretary (The secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport, also referred to as the culture secretary, is a secretary of state in the Government of the United Kingdom, with overall responsibility for strategy and policy across the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.)

This is what happens when the leader of a country only promotes those who are loyal and who has little care for their suitability for a role.

COP26: just words…

Lots of words came from COP26, but not so much substance. This could be the time we look back on with the most regret.