The dubious friends of Donald Trump

For months, the FBI have been investigating Russian interference in the American presidential elections. ZEMBLA is investigating another explosive dossier concerning Trump’s involvement with the Russians: Trump’s business and personal ties to oligarchs from the former Soviet Union. Powerful billionaires… Read More ›

The great British Brexit robbery

It also reveals a critical and gaping hole in the political debate in Britain. Because what is happening in America and what is happening in Britain are entwined. Brexit and Trump are entwined. The Trump administration’s links to Russia and… Read More ›

It is an abomination

I won’t mince words. The health-care bill that the House of Representatives passed this afternoon, in an incredibly narrow 217-to-213 vote, is not just wrong, or misguided, or problematic or foolish. It is an abomination. If there has been a… Read More ›

Food banks vs soundbites

The video above is remarkable for so many reasons. Listen to the questions the interviewer asks and how the response do not in any way tackle what is being asked, almost to the point of completely ignoring the plight of… Read More ›

Tweeting “embarrassing” graphs

The UK’s Brexit Department is facing online ridicule after Tweeting “embarrassing” graphs on trade and economic growth that suggest the benefits of staying in the EU. The Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) came under fire after it posted… Read More ›

Long-form Twitter

You may not agree with the sentiment in these tweets, but I see this kind of long-form talk more and more on Twitter. I wonder if it is time to allow people to post short tweets, but with the ability… Read More ›