Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a minimalist subway simulation game about designing efficient subway networks. The player must constantly redesign their line layout to meet the needs of a rapidly-growing city… More here. This game looks like great fun for the current discounted price.

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FabFocus: not bad

I mentioned FabFocus the other day and it has now been released, ready for you to experience bokeh on your iPhone. I can see potential here and admit that I haven’t had time to take many shots in very good light, but the jury is out for me at the moment. For the price, the […]

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FabFocus: bokeh on any iPhone

With only one-touch, FabFocus is a simple and powerful tool for instantly turning your portraits into professional-looking photos. For novices without any previous experience or advanced photographers, FabFocus uses facial recognition to bring DSLR-like depth of field and bokeh effects to any iPhone… More at second verse. Imagine is this app really does produce a […]

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