That Galaxy S8 screen

I got a few minutes over the weekend with the Galaxy S8 and I was impressed. It wasn’t an amazing experience because many of the classic ’Samsung’ annoyances remain such as childish icons and an interface that needs some serious work, but there was something special about the screen and the form factor. It took […]

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The World’s Smallest 4G Smartphone

Jelly looks to be the opposite of everything companies including Apple, Samsung, and Google tell you is what a modern smartphone should be. It’s a tiny Android phone, using a 2.45-inch display, only costs $109, the battery is removable, there’s a microSD card slot, and it has dual SIM card support… More at PC Mag. […]

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Xiaomi’s Mi 6

Well, the first thing to note is that there are plenty of similarities to the iPhone 7, but price isn’t one of them. The entry model — featuring 64 GB of storage — comes in at 2499 RMB, that’s around $360, with a 128 GB option (2899 RMB, $420) and ceramic edition (2999 RMB, $435) […]

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The Honor 8 Pro

There’s Huawei, and then there’s Honor. While both are technically the same company, the Honor brand takes some of the best bits of Huawei’s smartphones and packages them up in new devices that don’t take as much of a bite out of your bank account. That’s been the general distinction between the two, anyway, but […]

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Moto G5 Plus Review

The 5th generation of Motorola’s Moto G series returns to a place of extraordinary accomplishment. What Lenovo’s Motorola crew have done is to design a device that does exactly what its originator intended for the series. Like the Moto G, the Moto G5 Plus is delivered with highly acceptable hardware and software for an extremely […]

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