Tech News

The Facebook Watch

According to the report, the watch would work over a cellular connection, without the need for a companion smartphone. Facebook apparently plans to add connections to hardware like Peleton for health and fitness. The device would reportedly run on Android…. Read More ›

reMarkable 2

No matter what you think of the product, and the relatively high price, that is one of the best and most complete promo videos I have ever seen. More here.

Mi Air Charge Technology

The core technology of Xiaomi’s remote charging lies in space positioning and energy transmission. Xiaomi’s self-developed isolated charging pile has five phase interference antennas built in, which can accurately detect the location of the smartphone. A phase control array composed… Read More ›

Tesla Model S refreshed

The overhauled interior is the star of the show, though. It’s been completely redesigned, marking the Model S’ first major update since its debut way back in 2012. There’s a large 17-inch central screen much like that of the Model… Read More ›