Watch Macro Photography

Watch macro photos simply reveal the true beauty of a watch, or, occasionally, the not so perfect craftsmanship. Thankfully that rarely happens but through the years only a few blemishes have crossed my lens. When this is something you don’t… Read More ›

My Digital Generation 2.0

After finishing writing My Digital Generation in 2007 it took until the lockdown for me to find the time to update it. The final version is now available here and I hope you enjoy it. Shaun


Coffee is one of the most valuable commodities in the history of the global economy and the world’s most popular drug. The very word ‘coffee’ is one of the most widespread on the planet. Augustine Sedgewick’s brilliant new history tells… Read More ›

Magazine publishers fear a drop

Magazine publishers fear a drop in advertising revenue of up to 95 per cent in the coming quarter, an industry body has claimed. The Professional Publishers’ Association has written to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden urging more support for businesses in… Read More ›

25 long reads

If you feel like reading about something other than coronavirus – and filling some more time during lockdown – then dive into a few of these highlights from the long read archive… More here. Being stuck indoors is not easy… Read More ›

SEGA Arcade: Pop-Up History

Accompanying this 3D showcase is a written history from Guardian games writer and best-selling novelist, Keith Stuart, punctuated by specially restored production artwork and beautifully reproduced in-game screens. The book features contributions from arcade game innovator Yu Suzuki, who offers… Read More ›


I have tried many services to send long form articles to my Kindle and none of them have worked as I would want them to. The official Amazon Send to Kindle service is hit and miss at best, Instapaper requires… Read More ›

Things Come Apart 2.0

In Things Come Apart, fifty design classics arranged by size and intricacy are beautifully displayed, piece by piece, exploding in midair and dissected in real-time, frame-by-frame video stills. Welcome to Todd McLellan s unique photographic vision of the material world…. Read More ›

Hodinkee Magazine

My son paid to ship over volume 5 of Hodinkee Magazine as a Christmas present and I was touched at the thought that he put in to the gift. I have, however, to this point not subscribed because the pricing… Read More ›