Are Smartwatches Just A Temporary Thing?

Our beloved traditional watches have outgrown their practical use. We do not need watches any longer. We wear them because they give us a sensation that we cannot find anywhere else. There is a romance there, enough to be an actual hobby, clearly. The smartwatch, meanwhile, is a practical item. You want one because you … Continue reading Are Smartwatches Just A Temporary Thing?

Titanium Edition – Apple Watch Ultra Band

Style your Apple Watch Ultra with our everyday titanium band. We wanted to elevate our creator’s everyday look in a way that wouldn’t affect their creative journey. A lightweight yet timeless piece perfect for formal wear & on-the-go adventures. Designed for the Apple Watch Ultra, made to match and wear as a pair… More here. … Continue reading Titanium Edition – Apple Watch Ultra Band

WorkOutDoors: a transformative Apple Watch app

If you use your Apple Watch for fitness tracking I would like to suggest WorkOutDoors as an alternative to the standard Fitness app. I don’t have time to write a full review, but if you want completely customisable workout views, the entire world available in map form on your watch, the ability to import routes, … Continue reading WorkOutDoors: a transformative Apple Watch app

Well Done

Just had my first experience of coming home from a quick trip and receiving a notification on my Apple Watch to wash my hands. As I start the countdown from 20 seconds begins and I finished with a ‘Well Done’ for my efforts. I get it and I understand the intent behind it, but it … Continue reading Well Done

Could your Fitbit or Apple Watch detect early COVID-19 symptoms?

Stanford researchers are among several groups examining whether wearable fitness devices such as the Fitbit or Apple Watch can provide an early warning. Snyder’s team enrolled 5,000 people in the study and studied historical smartwatch data from 31 users who tested positive for COVID-19. Of those 31, 80 percent had data on their wearable devices … Continue reading Could your Fitbit or Apple Watch detect early COVID-19 symptoms?

Apple Watch 6 could detect panic attacks

The Apple Watch 6 could be capable of detecting heightened stress levels and panic attacks, rounding out the watch’s well-being features to include mental health. While being notified that you’re on the verge of a panic attack might amplify your anxiety, the information could help some people prevent their stress from swelling in advance. Essentially, … Continue reading Apple Watch 6 could detect panic attacks

Mudra Band

The band slides over your Apple Watch screen just like a normal band, and instantly turns the watch into a single-handed device. By requiring you to use only the hand that’s wearing the watch, Mudra Band lets you multitask while operating the watch, without blocking the display… More here. A ridiculous promo video, but I … Continue reading Mudra Band

The MARQ collection

Whether you own the cup or are inspired by those who do, MARQ™ Captain shows your passion for life at sea. It is the luxury modern tool watch with advanced nautical and smart features that one simply won’t find in a traditional timepiece. A revolutionary regatta timer enhanced with GPS technology pinpoints the start like … Continue reading The MARQ collection

Luxury brands aren’t giving up on smartwatches

The latest to enter the fray is Hublot, with the launch this week of the Big Bang E. With other players including Louis Vuitton and Frederique Constant also well established, it is clear that, despite the Apple Watch outselling the entire Swiss watch industry in 2019, luxury watch brands are still unwilling to let the … Continue reading Luxury brands aren’t giving up on smartwatches

Too Smart for Their Time

In the late ‘90s, Microsoft’s research division started work developing the SPOT platform, which it planned to integrate into everything from GPS navigation units to coffee makers. To expedite its arrival, instead of working with big telecommunication companies to implement new wireless networks which was a costly proposition (just look how long it’s taking for … Continue reading Too Smart for Their Time

The realme Watch

3.5cm (1.4″) Large Color Touchscreen with a high resolution of 320 x 320 pixels can display vivid and lifelike visuals which are so captivating that you’ll never want to look away. Its responsive touch lets you effortlessly control the watch… More here. Obviously it is homaging the Apple Watch, but look at the features and … Continue reading The realme Watch

Custom Apple Watch Bands

Customize your own band exclusively for your Apple Watch! Whether you have an earlier Series watch or have the most recent Series 4 Watch, Skinit allows you to Make It Yours and customize a band for any Apple Watch you may have. Select your band size below then get to creating a one-of-a-kind design you … Continue reading Custom Apple Watch Bands

Cyber Watch® Case

In creating the CYBER WATCH®, we were motivated by one ambition. To finally create a sculpture for the Apple Watch that truly represented the ground breaking technology it housed within. After all, a watch that goes above and beyond its mechanical predecessors deserves a complete reinterpretation of its exterior. To do so, we had to … Continue reading Cyber Watch® Case

Apple Watch 6 features

This year’s big health feature could be what’s known as SPO2 tracking. This would allow the watch to measure your blood oxygen levels, like a pulse oximeter, and alert you if it dips below a certain threshold, according to 9to5Mac. This is good timing, because some doctors are recommending pulse oximeter devices to monitor COVID-19 … Continue reading Apple Watch 6 features

Is the Huami Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch the future?

Intricate in its design, Amazfit X exemplifies the clarity with a 326 PPI HD resolution and enhances its expression through a 400 NIT high-brightness display. Enjoy sharp and bright display even under direct light with Amazfit X… More here. It is hard to not be impressed by this, but selling via Indiegogo is a very … Continue reading Is the Huami Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch the future?

Apple Watch saved my life (x5)

In February 2019, Østvang was staying with friends just outside of Oslo, Norway, where he lives. When he went to bed just after midnight, he wore his Apple Watch Series 4 so he could test a sleep app. He has no memory of his fall later that night or how he got back to his … Continue reading Apple Watch saved my life (x5)

5 years of the Apple Watch

Things have changed a lot in the past half-decade and arguably the Apple Watch is the product that had a bigger impact on more people than any other over that time. I may love traditional watches, but I cannot deny the influence the Apple Watch has had on fitness, culture and the entire watch industry. … Continue reading 5 years of the Apple Watch

The Coros Vertix

Adventure calls your name and you need a watch that will respond with you. The VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch provides the features and durability you need to take on even your dreams’ grandest expeditions. The longest battery life, extreme durability and altitude acclimation assistance make the VERTIX your go-to choice whether your plans call for … Continue reading The Coros Vertix

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