Why It’s Hard to Switch From a Mac to a Windows Laptop

Have you ever wondered why most people refuse to switch from a MacBook to a Windows laptop? It’s not like they do not have options. If anything, the Windows laptop market is super-saturated with diverse options. Regardless of what you want—better battery life, incredible performance, or rugged design—you can choose between tens or hundreds of … Continue reading Why It’s Hard to Switch From a Mac to a Windows Laptop

Dismantling the Windows advantage

I should point out that this ratio between platforms is not just an exercise in arithmetic. It’s a measure of leverage. The advantage of dominance is realized in an ecosystem which creates lock-in and additional economies in marketing. Ecosystems become self-perpetuating and there is a tendency toward monopoly. The stronger you are, the stronger you … Continue reading Dismantling the Windows advantage

The Nostalgic Macintosh

Ian Zelbo wasn’t around when Apple launched the first-ever Macintosh in 1984, but he was well aware of how that product sent ripples that would be felt even decades later. Likewise, what started out as an almost tongue-in-cheek joke and homage to the landmark product ended up sparking interest and discussion over the Internet. After … Continue reading The Nostalgic Macintosh

Is a Mac safer than a Windows laptop?

When it comes to getting a new laptop, many of us have a favourite operating system. But, which platform is actually the safest – Mac or Windows? We spoke to several security experts to get an idea of how vulnerable each platform is, what attacks you need to watch out for and how to keep … Continue reading Is a Mac safer than a Windows laptop?

Qualcomm’s answer to Apple Silicon is coming… at some point

And most of the PCs with Qualcomm chips released to date have been significantly slower than similarly-priced models with Intel or AMD chips. But Qualcomm says that could change with its next-gen chips, which the company says are expected to arrive in consumer devices in 2023… More here. 2023 seems hopeful and by that point … Continue reading Qualcomm’s answer to Apple Silicon is coming… at some point

M1 MacBook Pro Memory Leaks

But some days it’s nearly impossible to get anything done. More than any Mac I’ve owned, this MacBook regularly experiences freezes, crashes, and restarts that often seem to be related to memory issues. It’s been nearly impossible to pinpoint a pattern, but I assumed it was something installed on my machine by my company. After … Continue reading M1 MacBook Pro Memory Leaks

New AirPods and MacBook Pros (woah!)

Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear. Inward-facing microphones detect what you’re hearing, then adjust low- and mid-range frequencies to deliver the rich details in every song, customised for you in real time… More here. An impressive update and one which cements the current AirPods Pro design as the way forward. … Continue reading New AirPods and MacBook Pros (woah!)

‘I strongly recommend not upgrading…’

MacOS 12 Monterey is not out yet — and, I hope, won’t ship until after a few more weeks of much-needed bug fixes — but Safari 15 for MacOS 11 Big Sur shipped last week. I strongly recommend not upgrading, unless you’ve already tried the new tab design and like it, or at least feel ambivalent about it. Updates … Continue reading ‘I strongly recommend not upgrading…’

6-in-1 USB-C Hub for iMac 24″

Expand your new iMac 24” connectivity with easy clamp-on USB-C hub that has a seamless, color-matching design faceplates designed for all iMac color options. Including 4K HDMI and MicroSD/SD ports. Similar to the StayGo mini in concept, but this seems more considered and I like the colour matching. It is a pre-order, however, and I … Continue reading 6-in-1 USB-C Hub for iMac 24″

macOS Mammoth

With Mammoth, we’d like to see a dynamic flexible menu bar that can shrink and grow at will. It reserves more space for windows at the top of your display and hides a giant section of the menu bar that often serves no purpose. Both the right and left sides of the menu bar would … Continue reading macOS Mammoth

Mac OS To-Go. What if?

I started off imagining what iOS would look like in classic Mac OS style. I kicked things off stylizing iOS with the platinum design and ultimately decided to meld it with classic Mac OS user interface elements. The project became a mobile version of Mac OS 9 otherwise known by its codename, Sonata. I chose … Continue reading Mac OS To-Go. What if?

Is it time for Apple to ditch the lightning cable?

The PolyCharge is an interesting product and one that appears to offer many advantages. It is on Indiegogo so you will have to gauge the risks, but this kind of product is starting to make more sense every day. Marques published this video recently and got me thinking about the lightning cable that is becoming … Continue reading Is it time for Apple to ditch the lightning cable?

Why people do not move from the iPhone?

If you go to this link on your iPhone you can experience what a Samsung Android smartphone feels like to use. It is a clever interactive website that attempts to offer a representation of how it would feel if you decided to move from your iPhone to a Samsung phone. The problem for Samsung is … Continue reading Why people do not move from the iPhone?


MagicBridge turns your Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 into a one-piece control surface, tidying up your workspace and keeping your trackpad right where you need it to swipe, pinch or tap. Make more magic on your Mac or iPad Pro… More here. That doesn’t look very comfortable does it and $50 seems rather high. … Continue reading MagicBridge

why windows’ taskbar beats osx’ dock (2011)

It could be argued that I’m doing it wrong, expecting OSX to act like Windows instead of adapting to what OSX offers. For a long while OSX has had exposé, a single button that temporarily resizes and repositions all of your windows (or makes snapshot thumbnails, based on how you think of it) so that … Continue reading why windows’ taskbar beats osx’ dock (2011)

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