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Is the iPhone camera better than a real camera for 99% of people?

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Of course it isn’t better. Except that it is.

The sheer practicality, connectivity and quality of a modern phone camera puts it on a par with much more expensive standalone cameras for what most people need.

However, looking at the above video it would appear that the 14 Pro camera is much closer in terms of quality than you may expect. I wonder if parity will arrive soon…

Update: Neil makes a good point about the title-

@stmcgill The question which comes to mind is “in what way is the iPhone’s very capable camera not a ‘real camera’?”!

Interesting that I chose to use the word ‘real’, just like I do when writing about ‘real’ watches and smart watches. The thing is that I do believe that a smart watch is a watch and that the iPhone camera is a camera, and so I shall use the words ‘standalone’ or ‘traditional’ in the future. Sorry Neil…

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