Scams everywhere

I mentioned a dodgy hard drive on Amazon a few days ago which transpired to be nothing more than a fraud.

And now it appears that Walmart is listing a similar product, a 30TB SSD for just $39. From arsOn the inside, this “SSD” looks like two small-capacity microSD cards hot glued to a USB 2.0-capable board. This board’s firmware has been modified so that each of these cards reports its capacity as “15.0TB” to the operating system, for a total of 30TB, even though the actual capacity of the cards is much lower.

Computer Clan has covered products like the above in great detail. The main advice is never buy a no-name brand product.

And then I found the below video from Atomic Shrimp which looks at an obvious smart watch scam. It does appear that this kind of deception is becoming more common.

It is remarkable that the ‘smart’ watch above sounds exactly like the aPhone that I reviewed back in 2008! Below…

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