Don’t use heating.
Don’t cook hot food.
Don’t expect a pay rise.
Don’t fall ill.
Don’t need a dentist.
Don’t swim in the sea.
Don’t use trains.
Don’t use airports.
Don’t bother reporting crime.
Don’t expect justice.
Don’t attempt to protest.
Life in Tory Britain in 2022.

The above was tweeted here. It sounds like a joke, but the sad reality is that every single line is evidenced by what is currently happening in the UK at the moment. Our government has literally impacted every important aspect of our lives in either a negative or devastating way.

And why are they not doing anything to help? The following article may help answer that question.

Why aren’t the Tories doing more to address the Cost of Living Crisis? That’s the question I keep coming back to. They must know it’s about to bite. They must know it’s not just going to swallow a few plebby, disabled people and/or the dependents of the poor souls who shine their shoes. In the same way the Housing Crisis started off “only” impacting the working class on the checkouts or your postman or bus drivers – and now engulfs the children of middle and the upper middle class also…

And one more thing, a look at why dividends are so damaging to the UK economy at the moment. It is a brilliant thread-

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