The UK ‘will’ descend into anarchy this Winter if nothing is done very soon

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Dear @Conservatives Just choose one of them. They are both awful. There isn’t a right choice. We’re just sick of hearing about it. See you at the next general election. Lots of love, Everyone else… tweeted here.

For those of you now in the UK we have a leadership election going on which won’t finish until the start of September.

Looking ahead to winter is frightening.

I’ve met pensioners who have no idea how they’ll heat their homes. Parents who will have to skip meals so their kids can eat.

The Tories are too busy fighting each other to notice.

Labour has a plan that meets the scale of this crisis… tweeted here.

And we finally have some words from the leader of the opposition, Keir Starmer.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson is on holiday for the second time in a couple of weeks. He is currently the Prime Minister, he has said he will make no decisions and he is finishing his premiership as he began it by not giving a damn about the British people.

So many questions such as who wears a suit on holiday? Who leaves a basket for someone else to pick up and how arrogant do you have to be to be on holiday while the majority of the British population can see what is coming down the track very soon?

The prediction for energy bills means that millions will simply NOT be able to pay to keep warm. They will not be able to afford food either or at the very least it will be a choice of eating or heating which is sadly becoming a bit of a cliche already.

When you have a situation where so many in the population will lose all of their savings, get credit defaults for not paying fuel bills, go hungry, go cold and be completely miserable you can expect anger to grow very quickly.

When you have two disinterested candidates trying to be Prime Minister over a period of many weeks while a zombie government does nothing, the anger starts before Winter arrives.

Throw in a Prime Minister who is showing complete disdain for the British public and we all start to worry about what is coming down the line. Those with money will be affected if there are riots, if millions don’t pay their bills and if the country becomes more angry and violent.

It does not take a genius to understand that if nothing is done there could be a very serious situation about to occur in the UK and that, even worse, it may already be too late.

There is only one solution to this and that is to put a block on the huge energy bills we have incoming. Fix that and we blunt inflation, lesson interest rate rises and get some time to get things resolved for the long run. The problem is that politicians only do what suits them in the short term, but I do believe this is the only solution.

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