Persistent Lock Screen Ads (on Android of course)

Glance, a tech company based in India, will soon be putting ads on your Android lock screens, aided and abetted by your friendly wireless carriers.

Glance is a $2 billion advertising technology (adtech) company backed by Google and other investors. It serves various kinds of media to the home screens of participating handsets, and may actually be pretty compelling for some people. Glance puts a feed of news, quizzes, photos, videos, and so on, right onto your lock screen… More here.

How awful that sounds, just awful.

2 thoughts on “Persistent Lock Screen Ads (on Android of course)

  1. This is truly awful

  2. Is this a case of “network providers automatically having permissions on all android phones that they can exploit”, or specific devices only (eg. similar to buying a kindle with special offers…)

    If its a case of network providers now being able to hijack more of a phone then I’d never consider another android – no doubt they’ll be battery killers (i’m thinking of in UK where they can already hiijack your default home page on android, and install apps if they want).

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