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I’m part of a generation used to living their life in full view – our collective adolescence measured in a succession of messaging apps and social networks. Each of them encouraged increasing levels of openness and entrenched the message: sharing prompts caring or, better yet, attention… More here.

By this point in time I would have mentioned our new dog, Bailey, on the site, or I would have added a couple of photos of our recent trip to Belgium somewhere, but I decided a few weeks back to stop doing that. Bailey sneaked onto Facebook, but that’s about it.

I muted WhatsApp, every single conversation, I stopped adding anything of my comments to Twitter and decided to leave the website and podcast alone.

I, like so many others, have a habit of oversharing my life, my thoughts and my commentary on politics etc, but it dawned on me that ultimately nobody gives a damn what I think. It adds nothing to the lives of others and it has become a ‘thing’ I do for no real reward apart from taking my mind off my real life.

Maybe it is time for people to live their lives offline and to view what has happened over the past 10 years as a mere digital blip within our more important analogue lives.

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