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What is the purpose of this government?

Just stepping back from the constant crisis a moment. What is the purpose of this government? What is its vision for Britain’s future? For our society? What are its values? What does it believe in? What does it want for our children?

Its just a chaotic, entitled free-for-all… tweeted here.

Such a simple and impressive thought. I have never been so angry and disappointed with a UK government and it just seems to get worse every day.

Our Prime Minister and Chancellor, the 2 highest positions in UK political life, have been found guilty of attending illegal parties at 10 Downing Street during the pandemic. It looks as though Johnson will receive multiple fines, but they both refuse to resign. Any of this paragraph would have been an immediate resigning matter pre-Johnson. And his ministers and many supporters are saying ‘just move on, there are more important things to focus on’. Tell that to parents who could not be with their dying children while they partied.

Johnson has mislead parliament time and time again on this topic over the past few months, all the while claiming not to have done so. If he is allowed to just do that, what is the point of our democracy?

Johnson announced the sending of refugees to Rwanda yesterday, likely as a mere diversion from the above. It will initially cost more than £1 million per person and some will have to stay in Rwanda even if they are successful in their application. It’s horrid and an echo of our history that most did not want to hear again. Whether America, Australia or many other places, we have a history of sending those we do not want elsewhere and this government is no different.

Refugees from Ukraine have had a terrible time being allowed in to the UK, some to the point of returning to Ukraine rather than having to deal with our processes and our government’s rules.

So many people are choosing between heating and eating, but Johnson would rather spend money on the Rwandan policy designed to appeal to his core base of aged racist bigots who are lapping it up with glee. So many people are so scared, so broken and so cold, and yet they the government does not care.

This list could go on and on and on thanks to so many deliberate and self-serving policies that are designed to serve only the government. From giving Covid contracts to their mates to denying any Brexit downsides to…. seriously, it just goes on and on.

And all of the above nastiness only takes us further away from finding what the purpose of this government is. I don’t think it has one as far as the country is concerned. Its purpose is purely to enrich itself at the expense of the rest of us.

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