Thank you for being a friend

We had to let Murray go today. He has been in heart failure for a while, but over the past few days it turned to what we perceived to be suffering and so the decision was made. The procedure was performed at home which made things easier, he went for a short walk to his favourite place and he had a whole sirloin steak to himself for the first time ever.

The notion of choosing when to end a life, any life, does not sit well with me and a large part of me wanted to keep him around for longer. At 6 years old it feels too short a time, but when I remember everything he has done for our family and the countless moments of joy he has brought, we simply could not see him suffer.

One thing Murray has done is ensure that he will be the first of many dogs in our family. Thank you for being the best friend a family could wish for.

2 thoughts on “Thank you for being a friend

  1. Condolences to you and your family on your loss.

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