Swatch X Omega (confusing all round)

Swatch and Omega come together for an innovative take on the legendary Speedmaster Moonwatch.

Outer space inspires a new collection of eleven BIOCERAMIC watches named after planetary bodies that will have you reaching for the stars.

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is legendary and a must-have for collectors. BIOCERAMIC Moon-Swatch collection makes the iconic design accessible to fans everywhere… More here.

This is so confusing. £207 for a watch that bears the Omega brand and which looks like a Speedmaster is insane. If you can get one you will treble your money in a day, at a minimum, and if you pick up the whole set you would make a HUGE profit.

Problem is that these are only available in select locations on Saturday and it is likely that a decent percentage will already be allocated to ‘preferred’ customers so your chances are limited before you even start. Add to this that Omega is collectable in limited runs and that Swatch is also collected by serious watch people.

And perhaps most confusing of all, why on earth would Omega co-brand with Swatch? Surely this cheapens the brand.

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