Where is the personality in tech?

For geeks who want more than just a standard MagSafe charger for their den, the UFO MagSafe Wireless Charger will be the preferred choice. This cute-looking accessory for the Apple ecosystem is currently just a concept design, but we want to see it make it to the shelves. It’s like a UFO riding on the back of your iPhone 13 minus, all the shenanigans of gimmicky gadgets. The accessory is minimalistic in form and doesn’t go overboard with the spaceship design. UFO MagSafe strikes on first look and doesn’t fade away like other flashy accessories. In fact, it grows on me every time I have a glance at the realistic renders to churn out this write-up… More here.

You could look at this concept design and think that it is childish, or you could ask yourself where the fun and personality has gone in new technology? You could ask yourself if everything is becoming too Apple-ised and you would be right to question it. I think it is time for some more fun to be included in new tech designs. Do you?

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