Apple Chips Are Way Ahead. Is That A Good Thing?

That’s not much of an improvement over the Exynos 2100‘s multi-core score of 3,263 and nowhere near a breakthrough in performance. The CPU numbers here aren’t even better than a two-year-old iPhone 11 with an A13 processor. Granted, CPU scores aren’t everything, but with camera and communication features demanding more and more resources each year, phones need as much power as they can get. Particularly when you’re spending a thousand dollars plus for a new handset that claims to be “game-changing.” More here.

In the real world, the majority care little for processing power and that is fully understandable. However, as the ways we use our phones become more advanced this will become a crucial area that will make or break some platforms. It appears that Apple has a (un?)healthy lead at the moment in mobile and desktop chips and this could be problematic for everyone.

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