The Nostalgic Macintosh

Ian Zelbo wasn’t around when Apple launched the first-ever Macintosh in 1984, but he was well aware of how that product sent ripples that would be felt even decades later. Likewise, what started out as an almost tongue-in-cheek joke and homage to the landmark product ended up sparking interest and discussion over the Internet. After all, nothing fuels the imagination more than something Apple would never do yet still remained within the realm of what is possible if it ever decided to do so… More here.

This is one of the few concepts that marries retro and modern almost perfectly. If Apple released something like this today it would fly off the shelves.

2 thoughts on “The Nostalgic Macintosh

  1. I’d be very tempted! Definitely back to the future.

    1. Same here. Shame it’s not real

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