Gentler Streak: lose the Apple Watch rings!

Gentler Streak is a personal fitness habit tracker offering a fresh, more compassionate approach. Making rest days part of a streak challenges the unrealistic mainstream mindset of always pushing harder — and it changes streaks as we know them… More here.

This looks very impressive indeed. The Apple ring system has never really grabbed me for long periods of time and if anything I find the whole system annoying. I shall pick up my Apple Watch again and try it for a few days to see how good this solution is.

3 thoughts on “Gentler Streak: lose the Apple Watch rings!

  1. Shaun, thanks for giving Gentler Streak a go! 🙂 Let us know your thoughts once you gather them.

    1. The trial just ended for me. It is definitely unique, but I’m still pondering the full benefits. It does have the potential to be a game changer.

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