The SMEG Futro e-scooter concept

Relying heavily on the Vespa (and even SMEG’s) soft, rounded, colorful, fun-loving image, the SMEG Futro is an e-scooter concept that embodies the feeling of driving down to the beach, the park, or the lake for a lazy Sunday. The scooter’s curved form language is a direct inspiration of SMEG’s own design styles and leans heavily into the golden age of Italian automotive design (when companies like Vespa and Lambretta came to be), while its side panels open up to reveal a whole host of picnic items and tiny kitchen appliances, all the way from tiffins and thermoses to even a toaster and wine cooler! More here.

That is adorable, completely adorable. Imagine riding to a peaceful field on a sunny day, sitting reading a book and eating your picnic for one. Shame it isn’t real (yet).

1 thought on “The SMEG Futro e-scooter concept

  1. So… SMEG doesn’t always mean what Red Dwarf thinks it means?

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