Journaling for 1000 days in a row

I have never quite understood journalling and in particular that notion of doing it to the point that almost everything is written down. While I am sure that it may have some benefits mentally it has always struck me as something that takes too much time away from just enjoying life.

One thought on “Journaling for 1000 days in a row

  1. I guess I have a bit of a hang up in this area, having done a link blog daily for 20 years and this one second everyday for 8 or so.

    About as long as the link blog, my private journal – which rarely says anything of great interest, but I am comforted that when I’m like “what the hell was I even doing in 2011?” or what not, I have a bit of an answer, footprints in the sand to look back on. (though I don’t, at least not very often)

    Probably I’d be better served w/ chronological orderings of relevant photos (like see my timelines project ) but still. Or sometimes it’s just useful to look up that “huh when did i last get my tires changed after that flat tire” kind of stuff (real world example from today)

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