Why is Fitbit charging people to view their own data?

Garmin’s project lead for the Venu 2 Plus, said the company wouldn’t lock data behind a paywall. “It’s your data,” McClendon said. “We’re not charging you the ability to access your data, and that’s something we will continue to do and that we feel very strongly about.” More here.

I have been using the Fitbit Charge 5 recently, but I will not keep it purely because Fitbit charges £7.99/month after 6 months to continue viewing vast swathes of the data the device collects.

What grates is that the devices have not reduced in price and yet this subscription charge now appears. That is the worst of both worlds and I would rather use a Garmin tracker precisely for this reason. It is a big mis-step in a world where Garmin and Apple do not have such charges just to view your own data.

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