BENYAR Elegant watch review

The BENYAR Elegant is without doubt a homage to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual which you can see below.

This is something that the brand does, a brand that also appears to go by the name of PAGRNE DESIGN and potentially a few others such as Haiqin (not confirmed). Hailing from China these homage watches are all of a similar quality, almost all have no aim apart from trying to look like more expensive watches and they are all surprisingly good for the money.

The Elegant offers a Seagull ST6 movement within a stainless steel case and some rather vague elements such as the Synthetic High Hardness Glass (mineral?) crystal. With a 100 metre water rating and near perfect dimensions for most wearers the actual spec is good, but as always with any watch it is the feel of it that matters.

The movement is cheap and cheerful, but it is a workhorse that will offer decent timekeeping. Don’t expect ultra-precise timing or materials that will last decades (it may well do), but if you are buying this watch (approx. £50) you shouldn’t expect such things.

You should also not expect a positive experience truth be told, but it does offer that. Even though it is a watch that will be bought because it looks a bit like the new Oyster Perpetual the end result is much better than could be expected for the price.

I would wear this watch quite happily and would argue that it is superior in value and quality to most fashion brand’s quartz offerings. The fact that it is a homage continues to annoy me a little because the ability to create good quality at affordable prices remains, it’s just the imagination that is missing.

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