MagSafe is magnificent

I realised quickly after buying my iPhone 13 Pro that I would need a new case and a new magnet to attach the phone to my dashboard when driving. I considered a few options, but eventually opted to buy a third party MagSafe charger which would be attached to my existing magnet on the dashboard which would then charge the iPhone via my MagSafe iPhone case. It was only at that point that I realised that my phone had always played podcasts and music through my car using Bluetooth. I knew it was connected, but always presumed that it was using the cable attached to the USB port. Alas, my car is too old to support the newer iPhones for audio by wire, but the Bluetooth setup works just fine. And I have to say that simply attaching my iPhone and removing it via MagSafe is just so simple compared to my previous method.

Next, my lightning cable broke that was attached to the Twelve South HiRise cradle next to my bed which meant needing to buy a new Apple cable because third party ones would not fit. I thought about it and decided to buy a third party MagSafe cradle and an official MagSafe charging cable, and an Anker USB-C charging block. Phew!

The end result is a ‘much’ easier experience which is ideal when you are trying to grab your phone in the dark. The end result is also an expense of more than £100 on charging accessories which is crazy. However, I would not go back because the experience, while minor in the grand scheme of things, is so much better than before.

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