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One month with the iPhone 13 Pro

It’s been a month and the latest and greatest iPhone has, as every other year, fallen into my daily life as expected.

The camera has proved to be a big bonus on days out, and surprisingly the ability to capture and copy text via the camera has been used often, but overall I am using the 13 just as I did my 11, and X and so so on.

Battery performance is noticeably better than on past iPhones and I have never had to charge during the day so far. Some days I drop just below 20% late on, but if I can get a day I am happy because it sits on the charger at night anyway waiting to wake me up the next day.

So many of the other (improved) features have slid by unnoticed for me. The better screen, the smart finishing and faster processor are just there doing their thing and despite not being noticed, they will undoubtedly prove more worthy as time progresses and the OS is updated.

It is an iPhone in every way and if you choose not to think too hard it feels like all of the other recent iPhones. It is just a better iPhone with some standout improvements which are very welcome, but I suspect that the under the hood changes will prove more worthwhile in time.

I cannot criticise it because it is better than something that was already exceptionally good.

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