iPhone 13 Pro Leather Case with MagSafe review (part 2: after 2 weeks)

You probably know what to expect from an Apple case by now and the soft internal lining is the final part of the case that makes it what it is. It will patina over time to add some extra personality and for me I would say that it is worth £59…

The above were my words when I wrote about this case after a short period of use and I would like to take them ALL back.

It is still comfortable, the MagSafe functionality works well and it does what it needs to do, but the patina is not what I would call patina at all.

The Twelve South SurfacePad by contrast ages subtly and never looks dirty or feels grimy to the touch. It really does get better with age whereas the Apple offering has become something I don’t even want to touch anymore.

In a time where we use hand sanitiser and where hygiene is often on our minds, would you want to pick up the case below?

It is dirty around every edge and the dirt does not even look good, it looks like dirt and not patina at all which usually looks like wear that has come over time. Even worse, the dirty areas have a purple hue to them which looks terrible.

The thing is, I don’t work outdoors. I work in an office which has been cleaned for Covid. I look after my gear at all times and I know I am a clean person, especially when it comes to my hands.

I have not seen this effect with any other case, even previous Apple leather offerings, but for some reason it is happening here. For £59 this is a very disappointing experience which likely highlights a lack of long term testing.

The weird thing is that the quality is overall decent, but the way it ages is a concern. Maybe it’s this particular colour, I really don’t know, but I bought it from Amazon and alas this one will be returned as I am still (just) in the return window.

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