It’s like we lost all the margin in our lives, and there’s no time to be creative and enjoy the ride.

I keep thinking about what you said about how our hobby is dead – it’s what everyone uses now and is no longer a hobby. It used to be fun. You didn’t have to be a pro, you just had to have interest and common sense to contribute to the community. You didn’t have to do things the way everyone else does it, so there was room for variety. It was fun. Now everything is so competitive and cookie cutter. Even work has become so ultra professional and efficient. People are all overworked and overstressed trying to compete and succeed. It’s like we lost all the margin in our lives, and there’s no time to be creative and enjoy the ride. I’ve become the older generation now. I now understand how the previous generation felt when I came in along with the computer generation – their way of life was dying and their value declined as the world changed and different skills were sought after. These days people just want action and accomplished tasks, whether they make sense or not. No wasted time, just do something! I have to admit younger people get a lot accomplished that way even if they miss the big picture. Everything moves so fast, they can be really wrong all the time, but adjust until they find answers… Bob R.

A brilliant thought sent in by Bob and it’s something I hadn’t thought of before in terms of tech. I have long thought about it in terms of work and what I witness; the obsession with stats, hitting targets and ‘being seen’ to do a good job or complete a task.

There does not seem to be time for creativity or for thinking of better ways to work, and if anything the negativity that comes back when trying to improve could easily put all but the most hardened off. It’s almost like the more time-saving tech we can use causes an inverse lack of time. Too many processes appear to be set in stone and the notion of having to stay in your lane is strong today.

Whether it is politics, work or even leisure time, we do seem to be suffering from a lack of margin in too many areas of our lives. I could write a lot about this, but may instead do a podcast episode to explore the subject further.

UPDATE: I ended up covering this in episode 81.

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