‘I strongly recommend not upgrading…’

MacOS 12 Monterey is not out yet — and, I hope, won’t ship until after a few more weeks of much-needed bug fixes — but Safari 15 for MacOS 11 Big Sur shipped last week. I strongly recommend not upgrading, unless you’ve already tried the new tab design and like it, or at least feel ambivalent about it. Updates like this are why I always turn off “Automatically keep my Mac up to date” in System Preferences → Software Update… More here.

Good advice from John here. This is a Marmite change that you will either accept or hate, I can’t see ‘love’ being a likelihood.

2 thoughts on “‘I strongly recommend not upgrading…’

  1. I wasn’t worried about Safari because I only use it for sites where Firefox doesn’t work. With Monterey, on the other hand, I’m waiting for the first point release, i.e. 12.1, before upgrading. Too many things can impact how well my iMac runs.

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