Project Fear

Boris Johnson has given the go-ahead to ministers to relax UK immigration rules to allow more foreign truck drivers into the country to ease shortages at petrol stations and wider economic disruption.

One person close to the situation said the prime minister had issued instructions to fix the escalating problem. “Boris wants this solved,” he said. Meanwhile an ally of Johnson said: “Boris is completely fed up with bad headlines on this and wants it sorted and doesn’t care about visa limits any more.” More here.

I popped out to get some petrol yesterday and gave up after 30 minutes. I tried another petrol situation and it was chaos. I gave up again.

Food is sparse in many stores for a variety of reasons; lack of HGV drivers, lack of people to pick our crops and so on.

People like me have been called ‘remoaners’ over the past few years for arguing against Brexit and ‘Project Fear’ has been used to describe us scaremongering and making up problems that Brexit simply will not cause.

As it turns out Project Fear was not even close to what we are seeing already and the first solution, detailed above, involves bringing back workers from the EU. Shambles…

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