Freedom Phone: what a bunch of ***’s

The Freedom Phone is a free speech and privacy first focused phone. With features like tracking blockers and an uncensorable app store.

What a bunch of sh*t’s they are for promoting this to people who know no better. $499.99 for what is effectively a phone that costs less than $200 elsewhere.

Now that you know the general idea behind the phone, let’s dissect the device itself. The official website for the Freedom Phone is scarce on details, but it mentions that the phone works with all US domestic and international carriers, comes with pre-loaded conservative sites and apps, and runs a “free-speech first operating system” called FreedomOS (not to be confused with the custom ROM with the same name) that features a privacy tool called “Trust.” The phone is priced at $499, and thanks to the company’s generous affiliate program, many right-wing personalities and influencers in the US are hyping it up… More here.

I can guess some of the people making money out of this garbage, and one of them in particular. Big phone, small hands, big profits.

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