The apps you use

Some interesting answers to the question from earlier in the week. We all seem to find different solutions no matter how similar we are.


Notes: Apple Notes, Google Keep
Tasks: Informant
Calendar: Informant, Fantastical widget, WeekCal
Lists: Outliner, HanDBase
Password management: 1Password
Writing: Text in Dropbox
Automobile records: Road Trip
Finance: Banktivity
Freeform notes:
Package tracking: Deliveries
Podcast: Apple Podcasts
Weather: SWW Weather, Dark Sky, Weather Nerd, WeatherBug, RadarScope
Reading: Kindle, Audible
Music: Apple Music, YouTube, CloudBeats – for Dropbox music
Fitness: Apple Health
Habit tracking:
Twitter: Tweetbot
Navigation: Waze
Graphic novels:


email: Apple Mail
Web Browser: Firefox on the Mac, Safari on mobile
Notes: 2Do
Tasks: 2Do
Lists: 2Do
Calendar: Fantastical on the Mac, myCal Pro on mobile
Password Management: 1Password
Auto Records: Car Care on mobile
Writing: MS Word or Bean depending on complexity, I don’t write more than a few lines on mobile
Finance: Moneydance
Content: —
Freeform notes: (paper)
Podcast: —
Weather: Weather Widget Canada + on the Mac, Weather Netword on mobile
Reading: Apple Books on mobile
PDF Viewer: Preview on the Mac, GoodReader on mobile
Music: Apple Music
Fitness: —
Habit tracking: —
Twitter: —
Navigation: TomTomGo on mobile
Graphic novels: —
File Manager: Path Finder on the Mac


Notes: Mostly “SimpleNote” – minimalism at its best
Tasks: 2Do. Few other products give me a single scrollable list of all stuff in all categories.
Lists: Uh, Simplenote I guess.

^^^^ GoogleDocs is useful for a lot of those I need to share with someone

Writing: ??? GoogleDocs i guess? Or more honestly my homebrew blog 😀

Finance: —
Content: —
Freeform notes: Apple Notes
Podcast: Overcast
Weather: Apple’s default, pop to the site wunderground for more detail on precipitation
Reading: Kindle (on iPad)
Music: Apple Music (just MP3s, not streaming)
Fitness: —
Habit tracking: —
Twitter: Twitter or Web
Navigation: Google Maps
Graphic novels: Kindle on a fullsize ipad pro is an absolute delight for comics

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