No lie off limits for Boris Johnson

In theory, a two-hour session before the liaison committee – the supergroup of select committee chairs – should have been rather more demanding. In his first two outings as liaison chair, Bernard Jenkin had confounded the critics who believed he had only been chosen as he could be guaranteed to give the prime minister an easy ride, and Johnson had often struggled to give adequate answers to tricky questions. Only now Bernie seems to have relaxed into his intended role and, under his dozy eyes, Johnson was given free rein to waffle and talk over his questioners whenever anything or anyone threatened to get difficult for him… More here.

It is disgraceful that he is continually allowed to lie in parliament and other official settings. It is even more worrying that millions of people will support him no matter what due to simply liking his right wing agenda or not having the intelligence to understand what is going on. It’s like Trump all over again, but slightly less obvious.

1 thought on “No lie off limits for Boris Johnson

  1. Ya, it’s such a relief not being gaslighted all the time.

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