Reading on iPad vs Kindle

Is it better to read on your iPad or read on your Kindle? Today we discuss the differences between the two and which is better!

I expected the Kindle to win easily, but not in this video. He is of course wrong in a lot of what he says and forgot about battery life and reading in all conditions. Good video though.

1 thought on “Reading on iPad vs Kindle

  1. You and I will never agree in our final conclusion, but I do agree with him!
    Speed is a big issue… I mean maybe you don’t mind so much in the same way you prefer the distraction-less nature of it.
    Sounds like he’s always around an iPad, and while iPad is a specialty device for me (browsing tumblr + a few other sites, and movies, and playing art games and doing doodles) it is less of a unitasker (but again, I understand how you associate that with distraction)

    And I know you find the screen gentler on the eyes, but for my mild astigmatism, the more light the better.

    Hadn’t heard about the “ruler function”, interesting.

    And do agree with video about the highlighting. It’s a delight, critical if you’re engaging w/ a more complex text or just grabbing great quotes. (And the kindle app does it better than the Apple Books app.)

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