The $2,800 Foldable ‘Mate X2’ Smartphone

The successor to 2019’s Mate X, the phone has received a radical redesign and now features a large uninterrupted 8-inch screen that folds inwards, rather than having the main display on the exterior, as with the original device.

The main screen uses a 180Hz display with an 8:7.1 aspect ratio, and when the phone is folded, a second 6.45-inch display (with a 12:9 aspect ratio) on the outside can be used, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold design. Both displays feature a wide color gamut and an ultra-low reflection feature that bests the reflectance level of Apple’s Pro Display XDR, claims Huawei… More here.

I love one of the comments added to the article above- Yay another too thick/too big phone, that transforms into a too small tablet.

3 thoughts on “The $2,800 Foldable ‘Mate X2’ Smartphone

  1. I played with a fold (got it second hand to play with) for a bit. The whole time I was just petrified I’d break it (or it would break itself, going by the many reports).
    Safe to say I handed it back at the first opportunity.

  2. Devils Advocate: I’d worry about the robustness but I don’t think it’s “too small of a tablet” – ipad mini is delightful for art and reading. I’m alway 1/3 tempted to try to use it as my all the time carry as it is! (actually its main knock is that it’s then clunky as a quick action camera)

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