The Swiss Alp Final Upgrade

Taking a closer look at that “spinning” seconds subdial gives us an interesting view as to how differently Vantablack behaves compared to more typical dial materials. Under the close inspection of a loupe or macro lens, there appears to be what looks like fraying on the edges of where the Vantablack cuts off. This is for two reasons, the first being the fact that the sprayable Vantablack S-VIS coating used here has shorter carbon nanotubes that form an “open coral-like shape” once they are bound together. My understanding is that the structure of Vantablack creates some noise on the edges here, and the stark contrast against the white really does highlight it in photos. To the naked eye, it wasn’t really perceptible to me… More here.

The Final Upgrade is a stunning watch from a brilliant brand. I love the seconds mechanism, the dial and almost everything else about it apart from the case design. That bit feels a little too familiar to me.

And Gruber weighed in as well-

It’s a limited edition of 50 pieces, which cost $31,000. That seems crazy, particularly for a watch that seems half a prank. But when you think about it, it’s less crazy than the fact that Apple itself was selling $17,000 solid gold Series 0 Apple Watches in 2015. These Moser Swiss App Watches will still function perfectly for years to come. Decades, with proper maintenance. Those gold $17,000 Apple Watches only received three years of software updates before they were deprecated.

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