Amazon Halo review

Throughout the day, the Halo automatically tracks the intensity and duration of your movement, as well as your sedentary time. Taking these factors into account, it gives you an Activity Score. Informed by recommendations from the American Heart Association, the app encourages you to reach an Activity Score of at least 150 points each week. At night, it tracks your shut eye, then gives you a sleep score from zero to 100 based on the duration and quality of your rest… More here.

This actually looks quite good, but the privacy aspects concern me. For example-

The Halo offers a unique feature that analyzes your tone of voice to help you understand how you sound to other people, which isn’t a feature you’ll find natively on other wearables. It’s optional, and if you decide to set it up, it will analyze your tone throughout the day. For privacy reasons, the Halo only analyzes and reports on your tone, not anyone else’s.

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  1. I’m still not interested in wearing something on my wrist even if it is helpful. I don’t like the feel of it, and I’m not interested in tracking that much. I keep saying I will someday, but it just seems that if I’m exercising and eating right I don’t need to obsess about stats too.

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