What’s next?

I have written a few times about the way 2020 affected me and over the past few weeks the feeling has become more intense, to the point of it feeling overwhelming at times.

I believe that it has come from the sense that there is no obvious end to the current situation and at this moment it is hard to know if we will be back to a normal(ish) life in the first half of 2021.

The virus has changed and we do not know yet how well the vaccines will protect us, and there are so many unanswered questions that it would not be worth even trying to answer them.

I believe that the way forward is to accept everything that is happening and deal with what can be dealt with. Covid-19 has to be dealt with by others. I will do my bit and follow the rules, but I have no control over how others behave and how governments continue to f*ck everything up.

Acceptance comes in many forms, however, and my next steps are to presume that this is my life for the time being and embrace it where I can. This involves simplifying everything where I can, for example I will be selling almost all of my watches and only keeping the ones that have an emotional connection, and I will also be concentrating my efforts on my daughter who needs her parents more than ever at the moment.

From getting as fit as I can, super fit this time, to ensuring that things are OK financially it makes sense to build the next steps on where I am at the moment and to over-compensate for every eventuality.

The idea is to give myself goals that will not only add security and fill some of the painfully quiet times, but to see anything that comes down the line as a bonus. The height of pessimism is a difficult line to tread; go too far one way and it leads to depression, but get it right and everything becomes a bonus.

I haven’t written this to big up myself, but I am curious as to how you are dealing with the current situation so feel free to share your experiences and advice for coping in the comments.

2 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. I expect that many people have similar issues to those who are retired. Too much time on their hands, possible financial concerns, loneliness, and a tendency to brood and succumb to depression. As you say, it’s a difficult line to tread. The experts say that keeping busy is essential to a long and healthy retirement, and it’s much the same now.

    If you have time on your hands, think about what you never had time for before. Keeping occupied is one of the best defences against depression. Yes there are things we can’t do, but there are still many things we can. Whether it’s keeping fit, learning something new, or even something as seemingly frivolous as playing a game, whatever you do that you enjoy and keeps you away from others is, as Shaun says, a bonus.

    Possibly loneliness is the most difficult because we’re told that we should stay home and not mingle. Even when we go out for essentials, we have to stay away from anyone else. I know from experience that interacting over Zoom or Facetime is just not the same. But it’s better than nothing. Can you imagine what it would be like if there was no tech interaction? Social media can provide contact. Not the same way, but contact.

    As an example, Tom’s concerts have created a group of 40 to 50 people who love music and have become virtual friends. The Munch Bunch some call us. We look forward to the concerts and they never fail to uplift our spirits. Tom says he’s having a blast as well, and he certainly seems to. Would we have had time under normal circumstances? Would Tom have time to do them? Rather than think about what might not have been, I look at Tom’s concerts as something good that has come out of all this. They really are a huge bonus.

    And that’s my point. Rather than complain about the restrictions and what we can’t do, use the extra time to do something you never had time for. Doesn’t matter what it is. Be flexible. And stay safe.

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