Apple Watch Solo Loop Strap Review

Don’t worry. This is hardly a complex accessory and so this will be a very short review.

I bought a cheap braided strap from Amazon which I then had to return because the connection to the Apple Watch section fell off. Initially I thought it was very impressive for the money, but noticed some scathing reviews on Amazon which I disagreed with. When it fell apart I started to agree with them.

I started the return, but was advised that a refund would be made immediately and that I could keep it. I also noticed that the product was no longer available so presumably it has been found to be poorly designed and discontinued.

So, after experiencing the idea of a solo loop, and enjoying the overt simplicity of the product, I bought a slightly more expensive one.

This offering is much better made, but despite me falling near the top of the large sizing it was just too loose for me and amedium would be far too small. So that was returned as well.

And this led me to the official Apple Solo Loop.

I measured my wrist size (185mm) and ordered a size 8 navy blue strap, and it appeared 2 days later.

It is unremarkably remarkable. It fitted perfectly once I had removed it from the packaging, which really is not needed and feels quite un-green to me. Within a minute I could not feel it and the sense of quality and ‘stretch’ was immediately apparent. It isn’t the stretch as such, but the way it rebounds to its original size when you move it over the larger part of your hand. There is a sense that it will last over time which I did not get with the two third party offerings I had tried.

And that is where it ends. I mean what else can I say? It is as simple as a watch strap can be and the fact that it feels invisible when worn is its true advantage. You will never feel a buckle on the desk when typing, you will always have a comfortable fit and I have to say that it has surprised me.

£49? I’m far from sure that this is a reasonable price and I still don’t know how it will perform over time, but boy is this a very impressive start.

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