“Why is my mood all over the place at the moment?”

Unlike during the first lockdown, my mood has been all over the place. When I say I can’t predict what my mood is going to be like from one day to the next, I’m not being dramatic: one moment I’ll be happy as a clam, feeling motivated at work and aching to see the positive side of things, and the next, all I really want to do is climb back into bed and shut out the world… More here.

This may be of use to some of you, it was to me.

2 thoughts on ““Why is my mood all over the place at the moment?”

  1. I see it is as an opportunity for growth. Times of great change and stress open us up to all kinds of realizations and bare truths of what really matters. The part that makes the mood swings the most intense is not knowing what the world will look like on the backside of the virus and the political upheaval.

    1. So true Tom. Shame it’s so painful to get there though

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