Time to go sleepy for a while

‘Sleepy Joe’ is an insult that Donald Trump uses against Joe Biden and in a strange kind of way this is just what we need.

Think about what the past few years have given us; Putin, China going backwards (politically), Brexit, Covid-19, division, polarisation, violence, terrorism, overt consumerism and Trump.

Trump stoking every negative emotion he can find and wrapping his arms around all of the bad in the world, and using it to his advantage.

It’s contagious. I look at populism in the US and in the UK and see two nations divided right down the middle purely to service the needs of a select few powerful positions.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of it because while it does not impact my daily life a great deal it remains a backing track to what life has been like for the past few years. It echoes and is there all of the time, running in the background and making a difficult time even more so.

I am tired and I believe that a little bit of ‘sleepy’ may be the first step in turning the western world back on to a fairer and more pleasant track.

2 thoughts on “Time to go sleepy for a while

  1. Absolutely. I feel the same here in Canada. I wouldn’t mind if the elephant took it easy for a bit. We’d sleep easier. I don’t expect miracles but hopefully no more disasters.

  2. The idea of politics should be to establish enough justice and equality that we don’t have to think about politics all that much 😀

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