Do you see it?

I’m curious. If you are not a watch person do you see what I see in the above Rolex Datejust 1601 from 1967?

I spotted it on eBay the other day and it captured my imagination in a second. The mix of subtle metal colours, the stretched with time jubilee bracelet and the matt fluted bezel all work together so well that it is a killer combination in my eyes. It’s close to perfect if you ask me.

4 thoughts on “Do you see it?

  1. Haha, watch me make Shaun hate me forever, or at least consider me an unredeemable tasteless barbian:
    * it’s tought to tell what color this is all supposed to be? Is the watch yellowed? the whole photo has a bit of a tint, but if the face is yellowed like that, it reads old and not just “weathered”
    * that’s… a lot of gold and silver, both? isn’t that a bit rich? “gold on black” is always a bit “I’m trying so hard to look expensive”, but when combined with a lot of silver… not sure…
    * the date number looks like it’s under a weird magnifying glass? Like something an older person might use because of poor vision?

    I like the bracelet and I like the bezel. But beyond that, I think you need more sophisticated taste… or a less tinted photo…

    1. Oh my word, where do I start?
      The yellowing (patina) is not actually there, I think it is shadowing because of the photo.
      The only gold colour is in the hards and markers- the bezel is white gold and looks matte silver.
      The magnifying glass is a cyclops which is used on many watches and which is a Rolex staple feature
      There is little more sophisticated than a Datejust in the watch world. I am trying to educate you!:)

      1. Matthew 7:6 ;-D

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