The Q Timex HODINKEE Limited Edition (received)

When Hodinkee posted details of the new Q Timex I found myself making a purchase within 2 minutes of reading the article.

The real strange part is that I owned a Q Timex a year ago and soon got rid of it because it felt cheap and unworthy of the asking price. 1 year later, $189, £34 of custom charges and I have another one.

It was not a watch for me to wear, my decision came down to sitting it on my ‘may be worth more money one day’ shelf and leaving it as pristine as possible.

It is quartz, not particularly well made (it is a Timex after all) and the bracelet will rip all of the hairs from under it in a second. In terms of materials and indutrialisation it is an £80 watch, if that, but…

The first glance is rediculously emotional for what is still a budget watch. The case shape, the consistency of the bracelet flowing from the case and the simple dial make for an unusual end result. It is undeniably 1970’s, but also 2020’s and this is very unusual in the watch world.

And it has not reached the shelf of potential investments yet which is a real surprise.

Final note: Impressive that it was ordered on Tuesday evening from Philadelphia and that I received it in the UK this morning. Well done Hodinkee.

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