Vinyl Sales Surpass CD Sales

Physical sales overall dropped by 23% in the first half of this year, likely because fewer people are leaving their homes, nevermind to visit music stores. However, CD sales declined by 48% whereas vinyl sales started to climb, particularly during the week of Record Store Day “Drops” when 802,000 records were sold. Unsurprisingly, digital sales continued to decrease by 22%, accounting for $351 million… More here.

There are a ton of useful stats in the above article. I would suggest, however, that the vinyl bump is a tiny blip in a streaming music world. Thanks to Bob.

One thought on “Vinyl Sales Surpass CD Sales

  1. ah, didn’t at first realize these numbers were US.
    They say CDs are still pretty dominant in Japan, so I wonder what the worldwide numbers look like.

    Still don’t fully get the appeal “streaming” but that’s a ramble for another day.

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