Is the watch industry being gamed again? (Rolex Explorer 14270)

Something weird has happened, there are zero Rolex Explorer 14270s on Chrono24 and there is only 1 on eBay. Who has bought all the Explorers?

Adrian (above) explains how strange it is that the pre-owned Explorer 14270s have seemingly disappeared overnight. They have literally just gone.

This would lead me to presume that the stocks have been bought up by a party that has an interest in making them so scarce that the market prices increase, and it would not be the first time that this has happened.

Curiously, Hodinkee recently (July 30th) published a very detailed article entitled In-Depth Everything You Need To Know About The Rolex Explorer Ref. 14270. It could of course be a complete coincidence, it really could. Honest.

So, time to head to WatchFinder to see what they have in stock. Yep, none at all.

We have seen huge bubbles for certain types of watches from Panerai to Heuer in the past and if you made an expensive purchase at the top of the market you would be kicking yourself now.

We are currently in the middle of a Rolex bubble and Subs, GMT Masters and Daytonas are very expensive in vintage form. You could even buy a GMT Master from an authorised dealer today (huge waiting list) and sell it tomorrow for £1,000’s more.

The market in general is likely struggling in the Covid era, especially for new sales, but it seems to me that something very strange is happening here and that the 14270 is likely to be the next bubble. A deliberately manufactured bubble which exemplifies everything that is so bad about the luxury pre-owned watch industry in general.

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