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FaceApp (spooky)

With lockdown tending to bring more time to the day I somehow ended up trying a silly photo app called FaceApp. It is a subscription app which puts me off because while I will happily pay for the likes of Netflix etc, a photo app feels a bit much to pay for regularly.

Having said that I was surprised at how far things have moved on when I tested it for a few minutes.

Should I grow a beard? Maybe I should because it looks OK in my mind when the app adds it.

Make my wife younger? Well, the filter basically managed to make her look exactly as she did when we first started going out.

Make my son older? Wow! That is 95% my grandad and it is spooky to see.

So, while the app may be long gone from my iPhone I have been more than impressed by how it works and the spooky realism when aging and making people look younger. Very clever.

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